In an ancient fishermen's village called Letojanni, a stone's throw away from the heart of Taormina, the structure Case Borgo Vacanze is located.

Letojanni overlooks the see of the Jonic Coast among the clear waters of the homeric Sicilian see.
The pleasant seaside location extends over a wide gulf between the two promontories of Capo Sant'Alessio (Forza D'Agrò) and Capo Taormina.

Italy without Sicily, leaves no picture in the spirit, it is in Sicily
that you find the key to everything. The purity found in the contour,
the softness of everything, the yielding reciprocity of tints, the
harmonious union of the sky with the see and of the see with the earth.
Who saw them only once, will possess them for the whole life.


The strategic position of the structure allows our guests to live a complete holiday among see, relax, restaurant, excursions, concerts, lyric operas and shows that follow one another from June to September in the Ancient Theatre of Taormina.

The structure offers different kind of accommodations: from the modern apartments located in the heart of Letojanni to the antique fishermen's houses entirely restructured and located in Contrada Sillemi, known to be the favorite destination of the actress Greta Garbo.